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You can get memorable photos while sightseeing in Okinawa♬
We recommend our plans for couple, girls trip, family trip and solo trip too!

shooting time : 2hours
cuts:100cuts sent by data download
shooting application fees

【fllow on the shooting date and data delivery】
1. Meeting with the photographer at the shooting location
2. Shooting Photo
3. Prepare edited data and send by email about 14 days

【rental wearing option】
You can rent ''Kariyushi Shirt'' as an Option.
Cost will be charged on another web site.
Please enter the code "ANS" to get a 10% discount at this site!
Description and website information is in an option "Rental option of Kariyushi shirt".

* Please feel free to ask about posing.
* Non refundable in case of time is left.
* When taking photos inside any shops, the photographer will get permission to shop and restaurants.

Basic Charge: ¥50,000

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  • option for selection a photographer

    This option is not applying for foreigners. 

    • ヤエソウタ / +¥0 info
    • 天羽舞衣子(アモウマイコ) / +¥0 info
    • 村田 翔 / +¥0 info
    • 仲尾次 成美(ナカオジ ナルミ) / +¥0 info
    • 與那嶺憲太 / +¥0 info
    • 西村由依 / +¥0 info
    • 木部伸治 / +¥0 info
  • Rental option of Kariyushi shirt

    The Kariyushi shirt (かりゆしウェア, kariyushi wear) is a style of dress shirt originating in Okinawa Prefecture, Japan. Similar to aloha shirts, these shirts are mainly worn in summer. The shirts are printed, mostly short-sleeved, and collared. 

    • 【Rental】Kariyushi shirt / +¥0 info

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No cancellation fee will be charged if you contact us 3 days in advance.
Please note that 100% cancellation fee will be charged if it is within 3 days from the day.
*Please let us know at least 3 days in advance if you would like to change the schedule.

If we decide that we cannot shoot due to bad weather, we will give you a full refund.


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