〈Campaign price〉Tsuboya Yachimun Street ''Ryuso'' plan

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This plan includes a traditional Okinawan costume called ''Ryusou''.
You can choose your favorite color & design of Ryusou at the shop near by Kokusai do-ri,(main shopping street in Naha City).

[Regular price] 65,000 yen → [Campaign price] 50,000 yen (tax included)

【What is included】
・1 set of Ryusou for each other (additional option can be applied for group and family)
・Shooting time :Within 60 minutes (Not including the preparation time)
・Assistance with dressing & hairstyles
・Data delivery : 50 cuts
・Shooting application fee
・Attendance by photographer

【The day of the shooting & Data delivery】
1. You can choose the color & design of Ryusou at the shop.
 ( Preparation takes about 30 minutes for 2 people )
2. Meet up the photographer at the shooting location.
3. The edited photo data will be sent by email in 14 days.
4.If you wish to enter a restaurant or souvenir shop to shot, the photographer will ask for the permission.

* Please feel free to ask about posing.
* Non refundable in case of time is left.

Basic Charge: ¥51,000 (Tax Incl)

special discount 2%OFF: ¥49,980 (Tax Incl)

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  • 【For Ryuso plan】 Retal accessory

    Additional costume "Ryusou" for children or adults are available.
    Up to 3 people can be dressed at the same time, takes 30-45 minutes. 

    • Hanagasa / +¥2,700 info
    • For Adult / +¥6,500
    • Additional Ryuso for kids (*age from 4years old) / +¥5,500
    • Additional Ryuso for kids (*age 0~3 years old) / +¥4,500
  • Additional location

    You can add your favorite shooting locations. 

    • Add 1 location (1hour) / +¥15,000
  • Additional cuts

    You can get 20 more cuts.
    It can be added only at the same location.

    • Add 20 cuts / +¥15,000
  • Option for selection a photographer

    This option is not applying for foreigners.
    We will choose an English-speaking photographer for you. 

    • 與那嶺憲太 / +¥0 info
    • 仲尾次 成美(ナカオジ ナルミ) / +¥0 info
    • 村田 翔 / +¥0 info
    • 木部伸治 / +¥0 info
    • ヤエソウタ / +¥0 info
    • 西村由依 / +¥0 info

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【Cancellation Policy】

No cancellation fee will be charged if you contact us 3 days in advance.
Please note that 100% cancellation fee will be charged if it is within 3 days from the day.
*Please let us know at least 3 days in advance if you would like to change the schedule.

If we decide that we cannot shoot due to bad weather, we will give you a full refund.


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