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A shooting plan with a Shisa-lion making experience on Kume Island!

The experience of making Shisa at the Yachimun workshop "Yachimun Doenbou"
You can left your "Shisa-lion making experience" memory as photos.

[Yachimun] is a traditional Okinawan pottery ("Yachimun" is a dialect of "pottery").
[Shisa] is an ornament to ward off bad luck, and it is an Okinawan guardian lions.

《Total time required》
9:00 Start making shisa
 ☆Shisa-lion making experience can be started from 9:00 to 16:00.
 ☆Shisa making experience takes around 90 minutes.
11:00 End of Shooting
 ☆Shooting is the last 60 minutes during the experience, but during the breaktime, you can also take some pictures in the garden with a superb view♪ (Not possible in rainy weather)

[What is included]
・Shisa-lion making experience fee
・Shooting (during and after production)
・Data delivery : 50 cuts

The baked shisa will be shipped later, please ask Yachimun Tsuchienbo about the shipping date♪
Shipping costs to one location are included in the plan.
Add 1,060 yen for shipping to the second location.
We accept requests and payment on the day.

* Please feel free to contact us about anything.
* Non refundable in case of time is left.

Basic Charge: ¥40,000 (Tax Incl)

special discount 2%OFF: ¥39,200 (Tax Incl)

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  • Additional cuts

    You can get 20 more cuts.
    It can be added only at the same location.

    • Add 20 cuts / +¥15,000
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    The Kariyushi shirt (かりゆしウェア, kariyushi wear) is a style of dress shirt originating in Okinawa. The shirts are similar to aloha shirts, printed, mostly short-sleeved, and collared. It is very convenient that you can wear as casual, informal wear, or as dress wear.
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    • 【Rental】Kariyushi shirt / +¥0 info

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*Please let us know at least 3 days in advance if you would like to change the schedule.

If we decide that we cannot shoot due to bad weather, we will give you a full refund.

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