【Platina Plan]】Two dresses ♪Shooting plan for Three locations (chapel and Tow recommended shooting locations)

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“Plan details/Included items”
◉Bride...Dress (no up-charge)/makeup/hair set/accessories/shoes/bouquet/long veil
◉Groom...Tuxedo (no upgrade fee)
​◉Photography...More than 250 shots will be provided
◉Delivery...Data delivery
◉Drone shooting...60 seconds video & 10 or more photos

Photo shoot plan at Three locations including premium chapel.
A premium chapel overlooking the ocean, the beach, greenery, spectacular views...etc.
This is a premium photo plan that allows you to enjoy Okinawa to the fullest.
Of course, all costumes are included, so you don't need to bring anything!

★Please feel free to contact us if you have a desired atmosphere or shooting content!★

Basic Charge: ¥286,000 (Tax Incl)

special discount 2%OFF: ¥280,280 (Tax Incl)

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  • 撮影オプション


    • ドローンフォト10枚 / +¥24,000
    • ロケ地1か所追加 / +¥27,500
    • サンセット撮影 / +¥27,500
    • 星空撮影 / +¥42,000
  • 衣装・ヘアメイクオプション


    • ドレスチェンジ / +¥50,000
    • 新婦ヘアチェンジ / +¥6,380
    • 新郎ヘアセット / +¥2,000
    • ブライダルインナー / +¥2,750
    • 新郎シューズ / +¥3,300
    • ロングベール / +¥5,500

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Okinawa Mainland

[ Walz Wedding(ドローン撮影件数西日本No.1) ]



¥140,000 (Tax Incl)

special discount 2%OFF ¥137,200 (Tax Incl)

Okinawa Mainland

[ Walz Wedding(ドローン撮影件数西日本No.1) ]


人気観光エリア「ザネー浜」での撮影プラン! Walz​Weddingでは、全てのプランにドローンを中心とした動画撮影が含まれております。

¥92,000 (Tax Incl)

special discount 2%OFF ¥90,160 (Tax Incl)

Okinawa Mainland

[ Walz Wedding(ドローン撮影件数西日本No.1) ]



¥210,000 (Tax Incl)

special discount 2%OFF ¥205,800 (Tax Incl)


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