Family / Commemorative Photo Plan (Araha Beach / Daytime shooting) Shoot in plain clothes [Cheap 18,000 yen]

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[Beach] Family photos, friends and couples, commemorative photos in plain clothes
★Campaign in progress★
Regular price: 28,000 yen ⇒ Campaign price: 18,000 yen (excluding tax)

《Photo data》 20 cut shooting data handing over
It will be a plain clothes shooting plan. Please prepare your payment and come to the store.

[Flow of the day]
9:00 reservation
① 9:00 visit
Confirmation of the flow of the day and the method of data delivery.
"You can't go to the restroom during filming, so let's finish the restroom."
​If you have any questions or requests, please let us know at this time.
② 9:10 Leaving the salon and starting shooting
③9:50 End of shooting/return to salon
④10:00 Change clothes and pay
If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.

Basic Charge: ¥19,800 (Tax Incl)

special discount 2%OFF: ¥19,404 (Tax Incl)

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reservations not accepted
Please note that this site only accepts provisional reservations. After adjusting via email or phone, we will guide you through the payment process for the actual reservation.

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※9:00 1ロケーションプラン ご予約の場合
①9:00 来店・打ち合わせ・衣装選び
②9:30 ヘアメイク
③10:30 サロン出発
④10:40 撮影開始
⑤11:40 撮影終了・サロン戻り
⑥12:15 お着替え・お会計


Okinawa Mainland

[ マークフォトファクトリー ]

With Attendant Staff♪ 1 Location Beach Shooting Plan

Why not take a photo at the popular Beach?

¥70,400 (Tax Incl)

special discount 2%OFF ¥68,992 (Tax Incl)

Okinawa Mainland

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3 Location Plan (Alaha Beach + American Village + Southeast Botanical Garden / Daytime Shooting) 116,600 yen

Alaha Beach , American Village and the natural beauty of Southeast Botanical Garden. Campaign price: 116,600yen

¥113,300 (Tax Incl)

special discount 2%OFF ¥111,034 (Tax Incl)

Okinawa Mainland

[ マークフォトファクトリー ]

Family / Commemorative Photo Plan (American Village / daytime shooting) Shoot in casual clothes [ 9,000 yen]

American Village ♪ Family photos, friends and couples, commemorative photos in casual clothes.

¥9,900 (Tax Incl)

special discount 2%OFF ¥9,702 (Tax Incl)


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