Same day Dress fitting and photo plan. Chapel and beach photo.


home an deux fie Wedding

Dress fitting and photo shoot in same day.
Pickable church(St.Andrew's Chapel or Quatre Ange)
*In case of rain, Beach photoshoot may not be averrable.

Choose dress , Tuxedo and Accessory’s (Shoes・veil)
Artificial flower bouquet & bootonia.
Also include bride's Hair and makeup, extra staff to help out.200 photo data,
down loadable in JPG format. Chaple rental fee.

Flow of the 1 day photo shoot.
(Dress fitting and photo shoot on same dayplan. )
Set the date and time.
Come to An deux fie on selected date and
time. For dress fitting and photo shoot.
Please take Taxi or come with rental car.
We do have customer parking space.
Dress and Tuxedo fitting.
Dressing, Hair makeup, Makeup
Drive to the location with our car and staff
Photo shoot
Drive back to An deux fie, undress and Done.

Basic Charge: ¥148,500

Tag: チャペルフォト セントアンドリュースチャペル カトル・アンジュ 中国 台湾 香港 ビーチフォト アンドゥフィーウェディング フォトウェディング

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  • Option


    • Groom’s hair and make styling. / +¥4,320
    • Rain day insurance. / +¥32,400 info
    • Adding 1 extra Wedding dress / +¥21,600
    • Adding 1extra Tuxedo / +¥10,800
    • Adding Ryukyu Costume(Bride and Groom) / +¥32,400 info
    • Ryukyu Costume Hair arrangement / +¥10,800

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