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Tag: 沖縄 フォトウェディング ビーチフォト エメラルドオーシャンウェディング トラッシュザドレス リゾートウェディング 結婚写真 前撮り 宮古島 プレ花嫁 人気 ランキング 安い おすすめ 離島 ウェディングドレス 海に入れる ネット予約 水中撮影 水中 地域共通クーポン利用可能

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  • 撮影ポイント変更(宮古島)

    写真提供:「c 沖縄観光コンベンションビューロー」「c Okinawa Convention&Visitors Bureau」「c OCVB」 

  • Additional shooting


  • フォトウェディングオプションⅡ(宮古島)


    • 新郎休閒風服裝一套 / +¥16,500 info


    • 新郎ヘアセット / +¥5,500 info
    • 新郎メイク / +¥5,500 info


    • サップボード / +¥22,000 info
    • ドローン(静止画)10C / +¥49,000 info


    • ドローン(静止画)5C / +¥35,000 info


    • ウェディングボード / +¥9,200 info
  • Free Option(Miyako-Iland)

    It's an option that you can use for free. 

    • Set of photographic accessories / +¥0 info
  • Add a shooting location (Miyako-Island)

    You can add a shooting location to Miyakojima's photo wedding plan. 

    • Higashi-hennazaki Lighthouse / +¥21,000 info


    • Kuruma-Island Ryugu observation deck / +¥10,000 info


  • Photo album※Service for Japan domestic


    • Crystal_Vシンプル 6ページ / +¥38,500 info
    • Crystal_Vシンプル 10ページ / +¥41,800 info
    • Crystal_Sミニ 20ページ / +¥44,000 info
    • Crystal_A アクリル 30ページ / +¥88,000 info
    • Crystal_F フォト 30ページ / +¥77,000 info
    • Crystal_F レザー 30ページ / +¥77,000 info
    • Crystal_W ワイド 30ページ / +¥99,000 info

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Terms of use


Please note that, at KG Intelligence CO., LTD. (hereinafter referred to as "our company"), we have established the Agreement as follows for the contract relevant to the "Products of Okinawa Wedding Online (hereinafter referred to as "wedding plan")" which is sold on the internet via "Okinawa Wedding Online" (hereinafter referred to as "this site"). In addition, we are subject to change without prior notice regarding the contents and usage fees and the like of the agreement, so please be also forewarned.

Article 1 (Arrangements for Wedding Plan)
(1)Upon our company receives an application for a wedding plan from a customer through this site, we will arrange for a venue, costumes, photography, related accessories, staffs and the like (hereinafter "this service") necessary for the wedding plan. The customer shall conclude a wedding-plan-arrangement agreement (hereinafter referred to as "this Agreement") with our company.
(2)The contents of this service shall be decided according to the wedding plan you apply for. For the wedding plans, there are a basic plan of "photo wedding", and an option plan (hereinafter referred to as "option") of applying for wedding ceremony, dinner party, costumes, and album and the like as options. It may be incurred additional costs depending on the details you apply for.
(3)Our company can entrust the business of this service to photographers, party venues, MC (master of ceremony), and other business operators (hereinafter referred to as "service providers"), by clarifying the customer the location, name and the like in advance.
(4)Japan time shall be applied to all of the date and time and the like concerning this Agreement.
(5)We shall provide this service to the customer on the scheduled date of use of the contents of an application (hereinafter referred to as "date of use"). In addition, we may change the use date after consultation with the customer.

Article 2 (Notes on Application for)
(1)If there is someone who needs special consideration by chronic disease, illness, pregnant or disabilities among the customers or attendees (hereinafter referred to as "customers"), please notify us at the time of the application for this Agreement. We will care for this in a rational and feasible range. If necessary, we may ask you to present a doctor's medical certificate for the subject. In addition, in order to provide this service safely and smoothly, we may require you to accompany a helper and the like arranged by the customer. In that case the cost shall be borne by the customer. Our company may decline the application for a wedding plan depending on the circumstances.
(2)We shall decline your application if you fall under any of the following items.
①If it turns out that you are a gang, a gang member, a gangster and those connected to them, or other antisocial forces.
②If you speak and act significant inconvenience to other customers.
③In case that you conduct, against our company, violence, intimidation, threat, peremptory request, or requiring burden beyond the reasonable range, or that you are deemed to have carried out similar acts in the past.
(3)In addition, we may decline your application if we determine that there is a problem in providing this service.
(4)We will carry out this service even if it rains. When you cancel this service by your own convenience or judgment, we shall consider it as cancellation of customer's own convenience and you are obliged to pay the cancellation fee specified in Article 8.
(5) If the service provider decides that it is difficult to take pictures due to obvious weather badness, the service provider consults with the customer on the day before or on the date of use, and either of the following measures shall be taken. In addition, after deciding correspondence, you cannot change the contents by your own convenience or judgment. In the unlikely event that you change it, we shall consider it as cancellation of customer’ own convenience and you are obliged to pay the cancellation fee specified in Article 8.
・Transfer: During the on-site visit duration, take pictures with transferring the date of use to another date.
・Change: Change the wedding plan to take pictures on the date of use.
・Postponement: If it is difficult to take pictures during the on-site stay, you will be able to postpone the date of use only within one year from the date of application and will be able to photograph the same as this contract. In addition, travel expenses shall be borne by the customer.
・NCW (Not complied with): If neither of the above measures is difficult, we shall cancel this Agreement and refund the full amount of the fee paid. In addition, the transfer fee shall be borne by the customer.
(6)Changes in the date of use of the wedding-plan shall be handled in accordance with Article 8 except for the transfer or postponement of the date of use under the preceding paragraph. However, we are not any responsible for any damage incurred to you or third parties due to changes in the date of use.

Article 3 (Completion of this Agreement)
(1)The application date is the date on which our company send an email to the customer of "Receiving the reservation request" after you apply for the wedding plan from this site.
(2)This Agreement is established on the day the applicant completes the settlement of the fee of the wedding-plan including the basic plan with applicant's credit card.
(3)If you wish to add an option after the establishment of this Agreement, please apply for each time, and make payment the option fee separately with your credit card. An option arrangement contract shall be established on the day when settlement is completed.

Article 4 (Contents Confirmation of this Agreement)
After established the contract pursuant to the preceding article, with regard to the details of this Agreement, we may arrange meetings each time by means of telephone, email, and the like in order to confirm customer's request and decisions.

Article 5 (Fee and Payment)
(1)All charges pertaining to this Agreement (hereinafter referred to as "charges") shall be paid by the designated date prior to the date on the sixteenth (16th) day back from the date of use. In addition, if the application date is the date after the sixteenth (16th) day from the date of use, you shall pay it by the due date specified by our company each time.
(2)You can check fees and contract details on the "Reservation details confirmation" page for each customer. Customers should make payment with your credit card from the "Reservation details confirmation" page. For details, please check the following.
・The flow of credit settlement https://okinawa-wedding.online/creditcardflow/
・Credit settlement terms of service https://okinawa-wedding.online/creditcardterms/
(3)If you wish to use products or services that are not published on information materials such as this site and brochures, we may inform you prices of the products or services based on your request. Also, if additional fee incurred, such as when you upgraded the dress on site, you shall be made a payment separately, each time.
(4)Prices of wedding-plan and other items are subject to change without notice. However, if the contract has already established, the price shall be the price at the time the contract was established.

Article 6 (Cancellation of Service Offering)
(1)Our company shall be able to cancel the provision of this service at the discretion of our company or the service provider if it falls under one of the following items during the service offering. In this case, we will not re-implement this service.
①In case that your action is deemed to be an attack that falls under torts, or a dangerous / annoying action (hereinafter referred to as "criminal act and the like") that hinders enforcement of this service.
②In case that it is deemed that the progress of this service is difficult because the attack isn't settled, though our company necessarily requested the doer in the previous issue to warn or move out.
③When the provision of this service becomes impossible due to reasons of customers' disease, disability and the like.
④In addition, when the company determines that it is necessary to suspend or cancel the provision of this service.
(2)The customer shall bear the damage caused to us or the service provider pursuant to the preceding paragraph. In addition, compensation and restitution other than that shall be resolved by the customer in direct consultation, we will not take any responsibility for them.

Article 7 (When Deemed Complete Implementation)
In the event of falling under any of the following items, the customer shall be obliged to pay full wedding-plan fee and the like, and shall not make an abatement claim and the like assuming that our company's obligation has been totally fulfilled.
①In case of falling under item 1 of the preceding article.
②In case that the start time of the service offered by our company was delayed without any reason attributable to us, and in case that some or all of the services specified in the itinerary, and the products and the like to be provided, are changed or omitted.

Article 8 (Midterm Cancellation)
(1)You may cancel this Agreement by paying the cancellation fee specified in the section 3 paragraph of this Agreement.
(2)If you wish to cancel this Agreement, please contact us via email or telephone. Upon accepting the offer from the customer, we will send "Cancellation application form" to the customer. The customer shall sign the "Cancellation application form" and return it to us within seven (7) days after receipt. Our cancellation shall be officially concluded by our receipt of "Cancellation application form".
(3)Based on the fee set forth paragraph 2 of Article 5, we shall notify you of the following cancellation fee.
・From the date of application before the twentieth (20th) day before the date of use: JPY 30,000
・From the nineteenth (19th) day before the date of use before 2:00 p.m. of the day before the date of use: 50% of the total settlement amount
・After 2:00 p.m. of the day before the date of use: 100% of total settlement amount
(4)If there is a difference between the total settlement amount and cancellation charge, we will refund the difference through the credit card company. If our company cannot refund through a credit card company, we will refund to the bank account you specify. In this case the transfer fee shall be borne by the customer.

Article 9 (Cancellation of this Agreement)
(1)In the event that the customer falls under any of the following items, our company shall be able to cancel this contract and the contract relating to other services without giving notice to the customer. In addition, if this Agreement is canceled, all contracts relating to the other services contracted with us including options shall also be canceled at the same time.
①In case that false statements and the like are approved for items described in the customer information on this site.
②In case that it is deemed to be a contract aimed at investigating the operations of our company by business operators and the like.
③In case that our company judged that the organizations that are generally recognized as illegal and dangerous are sponsored or involved and that the safety of our staff and related business operators cannot be guaranteed.
④In case that it became clear that the customer is planning to conduct illegal acts or dangerous acts (teen drinking, disturbance, excessive performance and the like by minors) in the enforcement of this service.
⑤In case that the customer violates, without justifiable reasons, this Agreement and various contracts, published on this website.
⑥In case that before concluding a contract with our company, in spite of the fact that the customer has made a contract (including reservation) relating to this service with a company other than us, the customer does not declare that fact and it turns out later.
⑦Furthermore, in case that our company considers that continuation of this Agreement and products or services provided by us are not appropriate.
(2) In case our company terminates the agreement in the basis of the preceding paragraph, we may request the customer penalties for the amount equivalent to cancellation charge specified in Article 8.

Article 10 (Disclaimer)
Our company shall not bear any responsibility if a customer suffered damage due to reasons that fall under one of the following items and we also shall not reduce or refund the expenses by this. However, our company will reimburse the settled full amount of the wedding-plan fee to the customer only if this Agreement is canceled by a) and b) below.
①Natural disaster, weather conditions, riots, or change or discontinuation of the service offering schedule caused by these.
②Delay, interruption, and accidents of transportation agencies, accidents of lodging agencies or change or cancellation of the service offering schedule caused by these.
③Accident, theft, food poisoning and the like caused by this service use.
④In addition, when it is determined that our company needs to temporarily suspend or discontinue the service.

Article 11 (Those who have chronic diseases, those who are currently getting ill, those who are pregnant, those who have disabilities)
If a customer has a chronic disease, is currently getting ill, is pregnant, or has a disability, he / she needs to consult with a doctor and obtain a consent, before receiving the service.
During service we will consider your own physical condition as a top priority and receive service on our own judgment. Even if we lose physical condition, our company and service provider are not responsible at all.

Article 12 (Customers with Children)
(1)If a customer wishes to use the service with a child under 9 years of age, he/she needs to arrange for an escort or a babysitter by himself/herself. If a customer can't arrange them, he/she can basically not receive service
(2)If a customer wishes to use the service, despite the inability to arrange an escort or a babysitter due to unavoidable circumstances such as a sudden change of use date, he/she needs to take care of his/her child responsibly.
(3)Regardless of the reason, such as an accident or poor health, our company and the service provider are not responsible for children.

Article 13 (Carried-in Items)
(1)Please refrain from bringing in or directly arranging ("carried-in" below) hairdressers, professional photographers and the like by the customer, because there is a fear that it will hinder the smooth operation of this service.
(2)If you wish to bring in costumes, accessories, choreographed items, gifts, entertainment and the like (hereinafter referred to as "carried-in items"), please be sure to consult us in advance. Our company shall decline carried-in items for those without consultation in advance.
(3)In case that the customer deposits the items brought in to a service provider, our company and the service provider shall not take any responsibility for the theft, loss, damage, or all other circumstances.

Article 14 (Renting Costumes)
(1)For wearing a renting dress, accessories suitable for dresses such as panniers, veils, gloves and the like and a controlling undergarment for the dress may be necessary. The customer shall make necessary preparations for these.
(2)Lending period of renting merchandise such as costumes (hereinafter referred to as "renting merchandise") shall be in accordance with the contracts separately specified by the service provider. In addition, if the customer exceeds the lending term of the renting merchandise without contacting the service provider, the customer shall be responsible for the expenses for the extension.
(3)For excessive dirt, damage, and total loss of renting merchandise, the customer shall bear the actual expenses of laundry charges and repair costs. In addition, if reuse is disabled including loss (total loss), the service provider shall claim the full selling prices of the renting merchandises to the customer. In this case, the charged amount shall be in accordance with the agreement specified separately by the service provider.

Japan domestic service 第15条(アルバムについて)

Article 16 (Handling of Data of Photographs and Video Images)
(1)We will record photographs and video images (hereinafter referred to as "photos and the like") if a customer wishes.
(2)Our company shall store the data of photos and the like for three (3) months from the delivery date and delete them from time to time.
(3)In the case that the photos and the like are damaged, our company shall pay the amount determined as the option fee equivalent of the recording service such as photos after consultation between the customer and us as the upper limit of compensating fee and damages compensation.
(4)When our company wishes to use the customer's photographs or the like for the purpose of our business, we shall obtain the customer's consent by showing the details such as purpose of use, period and the like, to the customer.

Article 17 (Travel)
(1)For travel necessary for the execution of this Agreement, a customer shall need a separate procedure for the travel agent personally. This Agreement does not include the contents on travel.
(2)With respect to the damage of the customers having arisen in connection with the travel, you shall resolve it by consulting with the perpetrator or travel agency. Our company shall assume no responsibility whatsoever for any damages incurred for the customer in connection with the travel, except in cases where there is willful or gross negligence on our company.

Article 18 (Extension Charge on the Date of Service Use)
Regarding the services provided by our company, in any case, the customer cannot change or add the contents of the "itinerary", or exceed the scheduled closing time, on the date of use. In the unlikely event that the termination time is exceeded, the customer shall bear the damage caused to persons involved of our company and service provider according to time excess.

Article 19 (Injury and Food Poisoning)
(1)If the customers get injured due to incompleteness of tableware and equipment arranged by the service provider, or if you get sick such as food poisoning due to the food and drink and the like provided at the venue and the like arranged by the service provider, our company shall perform as much as possible supporting acts such as emergency response on the date of use, but we do not assume the obligation and responsibility for it.
(2)With regard to compensation and restitution for damages arising from the situation set forth in the preceding paragraph, the customer shall negotiate directly with the side of the service provider, determine the amount, payment method, and the like and take action. Our company shall not take any responsibility for them.

Article 20 (Compensation for Damage)
(1)In case the customer lost, destroyed or damaged facilities or fixtures of the service provider, you shall bear expenses for repair or damage compensation in accordance with the instructions of our company.
(2)With respect to the damage of the customer due to the failure of our company or the service provider to perform the obligation due to reasons attributable thereto, with negotiating between the customer and our company, we shall pay the amount determined as the upper limit of damages that is the equivalent of the non-performing service fee.
(3)In addition to each of the preceding paragraphs, our company also states clearly about damages in Article 14, Article 15, Article 16, Article 17, Article 18, please fully confirm them.

Article 21 (Handling of Personal Information)
(1)Your personal information will be used for the following purposes only.
①Performance of this Agreement and provision of the associated services.
②Analysis of the marketing activities and the market trends, associated with our business activity.
(2)Our company will share your personal information with the following persons involved.
①Our business partner such as service provider
②Our affiliated company and its business partner
③Outsourcing company of our affiliated company
(3)Your personal information shall not be disclosed or provided to any third party except in the following cases.
①In case according to laws and regulations.
②In case that it is necessary for the protection of human life, body or property, and that it is difficult to obtain the consent of the customer's consent.
③In case that it is particularly necessary for improving public health or promoting healthy fostering of children, and that it is difficult to obtain the customer's consent.
④In cases where it is necessary to cooperate in carrying out the affairs prescribed by laws and regulations by a national organ or a local public entity or a entrusted person with it, and where there is a risk of interfering with the performance of the affairs by obtaining the customer's consent.
⑤In case that our company obtains the customer's consent in advance.

Article 22 (Others)
(1)Any matters not stated in this Agreement, this site, and other relevant materials, or any other questions incur, our company shall settle it, upon consultation between the customer and us each time.
(2)In the event that it is necessary to suit against concerning this Agreement, the Osaka District Court and the Osaka Simplified Court shall be the exclusive jurisdiction court of the first instance.

Article 23 (Governing Law)
This Agreement shall be governed by and interpreted in accordance with the laws of Japan.

Supplementary Provisions: This Agreement shall apply to all customers from the fifteenth day of December, 2016. Revised the eighteenth day of January, 2019
Revised the sixteenth day of February, 2018
Revised the nineteenth day of March, 2018
Revised the twenty-fifth day of September, 2018
Revised the sixth day of November, 2018
Revised the eighteenth day of January, 2019


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