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It doesn't have to be that authentic, so while traveling...
I took it before, but I want to shoot a wedding in the beautiful sea of ​​Miyakojima!
Even if you don't have time, you can quickly leave one location in a short time
It's very simple.

*If you would like hair and makeup, please be sure to select from the option frame.

Data: 100 cut guarantee
Shooting: 1- 1.5 hours
Shooting location: 1 location

Basic Charge: ¥33,000

Tag: ビーチフォト ロケーションフォト 衣装持ち込み

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    We will make a long-form solid video that is not a short film.
    The price will change depending on the content, so prior hearing is very important! Please feel free to contact us. 

    • ウェディングムービー / +¥50,000
  • Drone photography


    • ドローン撮影 / +¥15,000
  • Add location


    • ロケーション追加 / +¥15,000
  • Bouquet rental


    • ブーケレンタル / +¥5,000
  • Speed delivery

    Normally, it takes 2 to 3 weeks to deliver the data (it may take up to 1 month during the busy season), but if you have an urgent schedule, we will complete the data within 5 days.  

    • スピード納品 / +¥15,000 info
  • Hair makeup

    The price is for a basic hair set.
    If you wish, please click here for shooting accompanying fee (1h ¥3000) or A hair set change fee will be added. 

    • ヘアメイクアシスタント / +¥15,000

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