Original Water-In wedding photo with Hotel stay which makes you feeling like living in the island.


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This plan includes;
- 3days 4nights in clean and convenient location, Hotel Sand River Ishigaki
* Accommodation fee varies depending on the season
* This plan doesn't include meals

Marine Photo Wedding
- Meeting & fitting (a day before shooting)
- A hair and make-up for a bride
- Photo shooting and transportation (Shooting day)
- Dress & Suit
- A bouquet & heir piece
- Shooting permission
- At least 70 cuts which selected & retouched
- English speaking staff

* Our phots are all retouched and it remains in your lifetime memories.
* Shooting location would be decided by the wether and wind condition on the day.
* We value communication with clients and decide a location and photo image through communication. Therefore please register at least a month in advance.
* In consideration of typhoons, etc., we recommend that scheduling your visit at least 3 nights, including spare days. Spare day can be chosen at the optional plan.
* Please be aware that underwater shooting might be with danger, therefore your swimming ability would be important and affected for shooting. We will decide how far we shoot after hearing from you.

Basic Charge: ¥275,000 ~ ¥315,000

Tag: 石垣 石垣島 ホテルフォト 別荘 マリンフォトウェディング ホテルサンドリバー ロケーションフォト ビーチ ビーチフォト 水中撮影 ainowa限定 宿泊 宿泊付き 水中ウェディング 水中フォト オーシャンウェディング

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  • Options

    We provide various option menu for you shooting. The boat cruising option makes it possible to shoot at the famous "Phantom Island" in Ishigaki. 

    • Spare Day Option / +¥25,000 info
    • SUP (Stand Up Paddle) Option / +¥11,000 info
    • Boat Charter Option / +¥70,000 info
    • Drone Shooting Option (Only Still Images) / +¥16,500 info
    • Drone Shooting Option (Still / Moving Image) / +¥25,000 info
    • Movie Clip Option / +¥90,000 info
    • Sunset Shooting Option / +¥33,000 info

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Original Water-In wedding photo, which takes place in Ishigaki's beautiful Nature/Using Water-In dress, "Marine Dress"

[ Marine Photo Wedding ]
Marine Photo Wedding, a theme of Ishigaki's beautiful nature and water, it will remains in the memories of the life...


Tag: ロケーションフォト ビーチ ビーチフォト 石垣 石垣島


Original Water-In wedding photo plan with hand-made luminous shell accessories

[ Marine Photo Wedding ]
Marine Photo Wedding with hand-made luminous shell accessories. It will remains in the memories of the lifetime.


Tag: ロケーションフォト ビーチ ビーチフォト 石垣 石垣島


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