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If you're looking for an affordable pre-shoot, this is a must!
We will take photos of you and your loved one at Yonaha-maehama beach in Miyakojima.

Get in the ocean in a dress/suit and shoot!
Romantic sunrise and sunset photos!
Sunny day shoot!

We will shoot according to your wishes ⭐︎

[What's Included in the Plan]
Shooting time: 1.5 hours
Location: Yonaha Maehama Beach

[not included in the plan]
• Make-up
• Clothing for shoot

In case of bad weather, you can change the date and time for free or cancel/receive a full refund
The best light comes out at sunrise or sunset, but if you want to see the blue ocean in the background, it will be during the daytime.

Basic Charge: ¥20,000

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[Kyoto] Affordable couples' pre-wedding plan!

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Shoot at a location of your choice. If you're looking for Kyoto-style photos, you've come to the right shop!


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